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Juiced Boards have set the standard for a well refined 'belt-less' hub motor system that is easy for beginners to learn and powerful enough for the seasoned rider.

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Learn Quickly & Ride With Confidence

We’ve designed the Juiced Electric Skateboard to be easy for beginners to learn and powerful enough for the seasoned rider. From your handheld remote, you can access four (4) unique Speed Modes, each with their own varying Speed and Braking capabilities. Advanced riders can cruise at speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

Regenerative Braking

To get the most out of your ride, the Juiced Electric Skateboard utilizes regenerative braking technology to capture and store energy that would typically be lost while braking.

Speed Modes

Whatever your mood or riding abilities, the Juiced Electric Skateboard offers four unique riding modes to accommodate the beginner, seasoned rider, and everyone in between.


With the Juiced Electric Skateboard’s Fast Charger, you can be 80% recharged in just 45 minutes!

USB Port

The Juiced Electric Skateboard comes equipped with a USB port that can be used to power accessories like headlights, tail lights, or even to charge your phone.

Maintenance-Free Custom In-Hub Motor

The Juiced Electric Skateboard 83mm InHub motor has been engineered to be powerful, quiet, and discreet. Contained within the wheel, our motor is fully sealed and water resistant. There are no belts to replace and if you run out of battery, your Juiced Electric Skateboard will function as a regular longboard.