Better, Faster, Stronger

Hey Juiced Nation,

Our team has been hunkered down hard in the lab cooking up something amazing for you. We’re happy to say we��ve addressed most of the feedback provided by our early reviewers such as TJ Davidson, Casey Neistat, Canoopsy, Daily Tekk, Hipster Pixel. Today we’re stoked to announce that both the Juiced Single and Juiced Dual will be getting a significant performance upgrade! Here’s a first look!!


Juiced Single

The Juiced Single now has the power of our pre-production Juiced Dual!  You’ve already seen the performance of the Juiced Dual in review videos online. Acceleration and hill climb are actually even a little better than our pre-production dual as all the power is being sent to just one wheel. We have kept the top speed capped at a comfortable fast 27km/h, but now you’re gonna get there a little faster 🙂

Juiced Dual

As for the Juiced Dual, we’ve made significant hardware and software adjustments and DOUBLED the torque output for substantially greater acceleration & hill climb. Braking has also seen about a 30% gain in performance 🙂


As for now- we have lengthened the wrist strap and added a clasp so larger and smaller hands can fit alike. We’ve also finished the controllers with a soft touch rubberized coating. Because of your support, a new design is in the works and will be offered in the future as an upgrade for your Juiced board.

Shipping Timeline

We have delayed our shipping, but just a little. We had to weigh out two factors – Deliver our product on time, OR, delay delivery 2-3 weeks in order to provide the BEST Juiced board we could. We did not feel it right that you, our backers receive a lesser product than other customers would be just a month or so after you receive yours.  Our new expected shipping date is by August 15th.

Nobody likes to hear about shipping delays. We know as well as any of you that it is FAR too common amongst new electric skateboard companies. For this reason –

**We are including a SECOND fast charger to all of our campaign backers free of charge! ($49 USD VALUE)**

We want to thank you all again for believing in Juiced and purchasing one of our first boards! Your support has allowed us to push things farther than we thought possible and we are excited to be delivering these upgraded boards to every one of you this summer!