Important announcement

Juiced family!

As you all know by now, we have finished shipping to 99% of Canada & USA customers and the feedback to this point has been incredible!! ūüėÄ ¬†However, we are saddened to announce that an issue has been discovered by our team, and experienced by a few of our customers ūüôĀ

On a handful of units, there has been an issue we have traced to the smart battery‚Äôs control board which was restricting charging.¬† This DOES NOT however pose any safety or health risks. We found this with a few boards during quality assurance at our warehouse and pulled them before shipping to you, however it seems that some of the boards did not expose this problem until the batteries had been drained.¬† If you are experiencing this problem, please see these troubleshooting steps (¬†¬†) , and send a message to¬†[email protected]

We have halted any new shipments leaving the warehouse until we have a solid and sustainable solution.  Our entire team has been tasked to this issue.

Anyone with this battery issue, and to our overseas customers, we understand the inconvenience of this, and we are committed to ensuring this problem is solved without compromising quality.

We are committed to keeping our customers informed and will post another update for you in the next 24 hours.

Because this issue does not pose any health or safety risks, you do not need to worry if your board is still operating.  However, if your board is not turning on, please following our quick 3-step troubleshooting guide to determine if this is a problem you are experiencing.

Thank you everyone again for your love and support and in making Juiced possible.  We will continue to give you, and our product 100% of our effort.

If you have any questions regarding this, please email our customer service-¬†[email protected]


All our Love,