Battery Control Board Update #2

Good day Juiced Fam!

Thank you to everyone who has sent us messages of support, positive feedback, and sharing sweet pics & vids all over the interwebs 😀  We are so happy to finally have our board out there for ya’ll to enjoy!

We are happy to announce that a solution to our battery control board issue has been nailed down and is in full momentum.  Our customers that are currently experiencing this issue are being taken care of 🙂 (Not in the ‘Hitman’ kind of way… but treated well).  We have expanded the symptoms of the battery control board issue from just ‘My board won’t turn on’ to the following-


Battery Control Board issue – Symptoms

  • My board won’t turn on
  • My board turns off after just a couple minutes of riding
  • My battery level indicator reads blue, but my board turns off when I try to accelerate

*If your board is still charging, and you are getting 20-60+ minutes of riding out of your board on a charge, then it is highly unlikely you have this issue.

If by chance you are experiencing any of these symptoms listed above, or very similar, please take a few minutes to run through our updated troubleshooting steps and report to us anything of concern in your findings.


Overseas customers –  Please know that we have not forgotten about you, and are working hard towards a solution to your orders.  Because we have no way of knowing which of our boards have this issue or not, we are still not shipping boards.  Just to be clear, it is not that we do not know what is wrong, there is just no way to confirm the issue without completely destroying the protective case the batteries come in.  We will be emailing each of you an update next week on what to expect, and what options we can make available.


Thank you again to everyone that has been posting shots and videos of their sweet new rides!  Please keep sharing the love 😀


-Juiced Team