Juiced Dual Preview

We enlisted early Juiced backer and YouTuber David Johnson to help us test our 2018 Juiced Dual. He put it through its paces all over California to give us a first look at the 2018 Juiced Dual.



Amongst all the sweet features you already loved about Juiced, we have re-vamped the brainbox (main control unit) to deliver more now than ever before 🙂  Most noticeable improvements are:


Stealth Take-Off

New power optimization means that the motors are now virtually silent when riding, nearly indistinguishable from a regular longboard.


40% Greater Torque Output

This means enhanced performance and stability upon acceleration and hill climb in all four-speed modes.


Smoother Acceleration & Braking

We’ve fine-tuned our acceleration and braking algorithms to take advantage of the increased torque.  This results in smoother acceleration and braking, and more mid-speed torque.


Stronger Remote Connection

More stable connection between the remote and board


The 2018 Juiced Dual is in production now and will be on sale soon!