Casey Neistats: “I was obviously biased against Juiced” Review

Casey reviews the Juiced Board head to head with Boosted Board.  As an advisor to Boosted Board, Casey makes his disappointment clear in the similar appearances.  Missing a few key features of what differentiates Juiced from Boosted, there is still some decent video to watch.  One point we are happy to stand behind is that we are NOT Boosted.  Boosted makes a fantastic product, and Sanjay the CEO who we had the pleasure of meeting at our booth at CES 2017 in Las Vegas is a super great guy.

We so appreciate Casey, Sam, and boosted board rider passing by taking the time to give our board a rip.  Take Casey’s review with a grain of salt, and be sure to check out what others are saying!

One reply on “Casey Neistats: “I was obviously biased against Juiced” Review

  • Nick Piccone

    If you are looking for an electric board and don’t want to spend over a grand in doing so, I would highly recommend this board for you. We all know that Casey did a review of this board in 2017 but this is now 2018 and the new Beta has been released. I will say that the improvements made are phenomenal and I am loving my board every day. I would also like to mention that this board has in hub motors which means no belts are needing to be replaced as well as the motor when they do wear out. The plus about this board is you can still use it like a longboard without electricity since there are no belts to slow you down. Now granted this board does not go in reverse, but I assure you the performance is definitely worth the price and I also want to mention the customer service is great as well. Thanks to Juiced Boards, I am now hooked to electric skateboarding and I still have money left over to eat with.

    Electric skateboard junky,

    Nick Piccone

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