Juiced Vs. Boosted

Casey Neistats Juiced Board Vs boosted board. Re-Match

If you haven’t already seen this little tidbit, check it out here

Casey looks at the Juiced Dual PRE-Production, says some things, and misses some things.

We’re back to give as non-bias view and re-match of the Juiced PRODUCTION Dual, vs a brand new Boosted Board V2.


Since the review from Casey Neistat of our “Pre-Production Juiced Dual” vs the Boosted Dual+, we made some serious performance enhancements and felt a rematch was in order.

This comparison looks at the Production version of the Juiced Dual, along with pointing out some of the key differences that separate Juiced from Boosted.

These tests were conducted with as minimal bias as we possibly could, given Juiced is our own creation. Both riders are within 5 lbs of each other, Matt weighing in at 165 lbs on the Juiced board, and Kyle, 168 lbs on the Boosted.

Nothing in this video has been modified or edited to appear different than what really was.

Get the 2018 Juiced Dual here- https://juicedboards.com/product/juiced-electric-skateboard-dual-drive/